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Use Vue dynamic components to build multiple layouts web app

This feature may not be used too much but it’s a useful and powerful feature of Vue.

How to using Tailwind CSS 2 with Vue 3

I used to choose Bulma as CSS framework for my personal projects.

Vue CLI 4 build statics for an existing app - Part 2

In the previous part, we have updated Vue CLI config to output static files that we can manually inject to anywhere.

Inject Vue instance into an iframe that create in runtime

Introduction Have you had ever wanted your component style won’t be affected by any third-party style and too lazy to create a new page to put it into iframe src?

Vue CLI 4 build statics for an existing app

Introduction By default, Vue CLI build target is App which means your static will auto inject to a static index.

Simple Django Vue Websocket Chat Application Using Channels

Introduction In this article, we will create a simple chat application using django, vue and channels.