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Serving AWS S3 private content with Golang and AWS SDK for Go v2

Have you ever wanted to serve private files from your AWS S3 storage to your users, but making the bucket public is not a safe option?

Golang Create Combinations From N Arrays

This snippet is useful when you need create combinations from n arrays with picking one element from each array.

Advanced Go Custom Error Implement

In the previous post, we have implemented our custom error:

Go Custom Error Implement

Have you ever checked the error definition to see what it is?

Gmob - Go Mongodb Driver document builder

When I worked with Mongo Go Driver, it was complicate to make a search, or update query document(s) with dynamic conditions.

Debugging Go http server with VS Code

Like the title said, in this article we will do debugging go application with VS Code and Go extension.

Building a simple microservices using Go Micro and Echo frameworks

Introduction In this article, we will learn how to build a simple microservices using Go Micro and Echo frameworks.

Writing Simple Go Echo Websocket Test Recipe

Introduction Today, I’ll show you how I set up a simple test for WebSocket using gorilla/websocket in Echo framework and how it makes me more confident with my code 😄